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Stars and Strikes MMA Westland MI members during strength and conditioning class.
Strength and Conditioning Class starts at 7:00pm Monday-Thursday. Stars and Strikes MMA Westland MI members during strength and conditioning class.

Stars and Strikes MMA in Westland, MI: A Unique Approach to Training and Fitness

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has captivated the world with its thrilling combination of various combat sports and martial arts styles. As the popularity of organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) continues to rise, an increasing number of enthusiasts are seeking authentic MMA training experiences. Stars and Strikes MMA in Westland, MI, has embraced this demand by offering unique and comprehensive classes for both training and fitness.

Welcome to Stars and Strikes MMA in Westland MI

At Stars and Strikes MMA, members have the opportunity to train alongside a diverse group of professional and amateur fighters. These experienced individuals bring an unmatched level of authenticity and practicality to their teaching methods. Rooted in the rich history of martial arts and combat sports, the coaches impart their hard-earned wisdom, ensuring students receive the best possible education.

The welcoming atmosphere at Stars and Strikes MMA sets it apart from other training facilities. With a clean and family-friendly environment, the founders understand the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere for learning. This approach encourages camaraderie, discipline, and respect among members, mirroring the traditional values that have shaped martial arts throughout history.

Our Instructors Have Been Tested in Combat

The instructors at Stars and Strikes MMA are seasoned amateur and professional fighters who have proven their skills in the arena. By learning from these accomplished fighters, students benefit from practical and effective techniques and strategies. This comprehensive approach to martial arts training prepares students for self-defense, competition, or personal development.

A Fitness and Training Membership You Can Actually Use

To accommodate the needs of busy individuals, classes at Stars and Strikes MMA are held Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm with additional classes available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Once you join Stars and Strikes MMA, you’ll have access to the private the private Facebook Group that has class announcements, reminders and events.

The curriculum caters to a wide range of goals, from improving physical fitness to preparing for a competitive fight. The classes incorporate historical and educational elements, providing students with a greater appreciation for the heritage of martial arts.

Stars and Strikes MMA in Westland, MI, is a one-of-a-kind destination for anyone interested in learning mixed martial arts. Combining experienced coaches, a welcoming atmosphere, and a focus on both fitness and technique, the facility offers an exceptional training experience. By integrating the historical and educational aspects of martial arts with modern training methods, Stars and Strikes MMA delivers a fulfilling and transformative journey for all who join. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and dive into the exciting world of MMA, Stars and Strikes MMA is the perfect place to begin. Your first visit to Stars and Strikes MMA in Westland, MI is FREE.


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